Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

Driven by my relative lack of success with Ocarina of Time, I've picked up Oracle of Ages again to try and finish that. My last save was just after I got the fifth Essence thingy, so after wandering around aimlessly for a bit I found new places to go and the sixth dungeon. And it was pretty easy - no lives lost at all, and it only took me two tube journeys.

And then when I got outside I was easily able to pick up the story again - there's this fairy type person called Nayru who's a goodie but is currently a baddie because the evil spirit witch thing has possessed her body. And so she's currently being held in the castle of Queen Ambi, who doesn't let Link into the building on account of his female rescuing tendancies. But when you come out of the fifth level, Ambi's gone for a walkabout and you can try and sneak in. Even though there are still guards around.

I like this game.

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