Friday, September 01, 2006

Doom RPG: completed!

I wasn't that near the end, as it turns out. I'd just survived a massive explosion and Junction was ruined, but I still had to fight my way through the red reactor section before getting to the portal. Oh, and on the way, kill Kronos.

In fact, killing Kronos was easy. One hit with a rocket and one from the BFG and he went down.

I regretted that later though. Tim's Top Tip - save your BFG cells for the cyberdemon. He's a bit mean. I died a couple of times when I first met him - the problem is that you have to destroy two power couplings while monsters get spewed from the portal every couple of turns. And some of these monsters can revive others. I worked out the trick is to destroy the power couplings as quickly as possible, then just kill the cyberdemon quickly before other monsters are revived and get in your way.

And then escape.

The game's hinted there's more to find and I've been placed back at the beginning with all my weapons and passkeys, but I'm not sure I can be bothered to carry on right now. Maybe soon.

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