Monday, February 18, 2013

New Super Mario Bros 2: even more completed

All the levels opened and completed, three coins on every level, all toad houses opened, and a stupid number of lives (represented by three castles).  I have four stars on my profile, which looks odd since there could be space for a fifth but unless that's gained for getting a million coins (which I'm nowhere near) then I can't see what that would be awarded for.

Coin Rush is just a little too fraught for me - one life, dying at the last minute wiping out any progress - no, I think I'll leave it here.


deKay said...

You're missing one - and it's not for coins :)

Tim Miller said...

A quick Google indicates I need to do the following:

1) Clear the Game (beat world 6)


2) Gather all Star coins in Worlds 1-6 and Mushroom/Flower Worlds


3) Gather all Moon Coins in the Star World


4) Open all paths (the ones that cost 5 coins, as well as finding all hidden exits)

Done. All the worlds are open and complete, I have no star coins left.

5) Get 3 crowns (this means getting 1110 extra lives - 1000 1 crown, 1100 2 crowns, 1110 3 crowns)


Where's my extra star?

Nikola Begedin said...

Am I understanding it right that high amounts of lives are indicated by icons instead of numbers?

I wonder if that's a reference to the early mario games where this was due to a bug/limitation of the software/hardware?

Back then, if you went above 99, I believe, the life amount indicator would start showing random sprite bits from other game objects.

deKay said...

I'm betting you haven't found all the hidden exits...

You know there are routes *back* from the Mushroom and Flower worlds too, right?

deKay said...

Oh, and are the toad houses "infinite"? As in, you can go in them over and over? If not, you've definitely missed an exit.

Tim Miller said...

Yes, I've gone back from the special worlds, and all the toad houses are always-open (with blue circles).

Getting 1110 lives is represented by three crowns on the lives meter!