Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Canis Canem Edit: tasks in town

I'm now doing tasks in and around the town, not confined to the school. Since I've now completed art, English, chemistry and gym, I get two days off of lessons and then the third day has both photography and workshop in it. Workshop's hard. The problem is that I'm always losing track of which day it is, so have to wait around to see if I should have lessons before leaving - reducing my time in town. It was worse before I completed English, because then I had to wait until after lunch ...

Anyway, the posh kids don't like me, and all the missions I'm doing at the moment seem designed to piss them off. Interesting survival technique. On the other hand, the posh girl does like me, and she's almost as nice as the redhead. I managed to get them to have a catfight over me by snogging them both in turn in front of each other. Much fun.

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