Thursday, March 26, 2009

Loco Roco: completed!

A new PSP battery which means I can actually play games again ... and it turns out I had only a couple of levels left to complete. I've not 100% completed every level - as in, there are still some muimuis I've not found, and there are many levels which were completed without 20 loco rocos, but I've explored a lot and I'm more eager to get onto the sequel, with new levels rather than going over the old ones. My tastes in gaming have evidently changed; it's all about the thrill of the new at the moment.

The last few levels weren't that difficult, but trying to keep the loco roco number up on the last stage (and boss battle) was tricky - there were sections where the big loco roco was bobbing up and down in wind, and barriers with spikes were rising and falling, and you had to time tilting the level with the loco roco bobbing down while the barrier was raised. I went from 15 to 9 strength because of that.

Completed, but the songs are still in my head. Any pointers to where I can download them from would be great!

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