Monday, December 31, 2012

The Unfinished Swan: balloons

Most balloons have colour to them, but some are white and so are easy to miss.  I've not missed any yet.

I've now completed the second chapter.  Again, read no further if you want to experience it yourself.

The king wanted everything white, but people hated him for it, so he painted in shadows.  Seeing the first shadows appearing was magical - I'd become so used to having to reveal everything myself, I couldn't understand what the grey rectangles were and why they moved.  Then stepping outside to see the world, and the labyrinth to the castle ...

The second chapter, following Monroe's fall to the sea, has a lot more detail revealed, although colours are still used sparsely.  Monroe's paint has become water, which is used to flick switches and open doors, and then later to enable vines to grow across walls and ceilings meaning that Monroe can climb. This second chapter was much longer than the first, although the puzzles contained within weren't as difficult as those reliant on discovering the world with paint in the first part.

This whole game obviously takes place in Monroe's dreams, but did the king once exist?  The story of the giant, the population leaving, and the king's losses point to something very dark.

Talking of which, the next levels look as if they're at night ...

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