Monday, June 23, 2014

Games Evening 23.7

A rarity, with Matt and Andrew visiting with no children in tow.  They did so in order that we could play some games, before Andrew moves 34,771 miles away.  The idea was to play like we used to, including finding games as close as we could to our old habits.  Unfortunately, a number of my games are still in the loft, so I was unable to get hold of PES4, Burnout 3, or Rockband.  We made do with what I had to hand.
  • Mario Kart 8 - still superb.  Andrew quite enjoyed it, although the use of items somewhat eluded him.
  • FIFA 13 - we were hopeless, until we turned the difficulty down from 3/5 to 1/5.  Playing as England against Accrington and some random Irish team, we managed to scrape a couple of wins.
  • Blur - the screens were too small, unfortunately.
  • Nintendo Land - the real star of the evening.  We were in fits of giggles as Andrew ran in the wrong direction, away from Matt, during Chase Mario.  We never got around to playing Ghost Mansion, which is probably for the best.