Sunday, June 12, 2005

Rainbow Six 3

In most games, I enjoy being stealthy, hiding from enemies, attacking them when they least expect it. So I should enjoy RS3. And I do, sort of.

But this game is massively hard. Some of the missions rely on you not being spotted, which would be all very well if it weren't for the perfect eyesight the enemy appears to have. You can ease a door open very slowly, to see if there's anyone on the other side - but by the time you've opened it enough to see through, the enemy's seen you. So instead it becomes a case of trial and error, trying every door and then restarting if you're unlucky. Not masses of fun.

It's much better on Xbox Live, but not because the game changes significantly; instead, you can talk to your teammates as you go through the level for the fifteenth time.

I'm sure it'll grow on me, if I play it enough. I'm not sure if I will though.

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