Monday, March 18, 2013

Little Things Forever: an owl within an owl

Little Things Forever is a hidden object game, where the objects aren't hidden - there are just a lot of them.  A large picture (of, say, an owl) is made up of loads of little objects (such as spades, cameras, arrows, trumpets, pelicans, funnels, paper planes, and owls), and you are given a short list to find.  On some levels you are given this list one at a time, and you have an overall time limit of two minutes; on some levels you are told to find a larger number of a single type of object (for example, four keys); on other levels the number of objects you need to find increases with the number of levels you've passed.

As you complete levels, you collect puzzle pieces, and after you've collected a certain number you then get to do a square jigsaw that lets you play on another large picture made up of small pictures. I have unlocked a fair few of these now, the most recent being the octopus.  It's a lovely, polished game, which i can see lasting for just long enough.

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