Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Predictable, I know.

I bought this yesterday lunchtime. At the time of writing, I have played the game for three hours and ten miutes in total, which is impressive given the fact that most of last night was spent unpacking and washing from the honeymoon.

It's a bit confusing. At first, it almost seemed as if they've broken the game, with the addition of tag team tactics, and altered unit abilities and so on. I'm sure that Md Tanks can now move a shorter distance. Some of the new characters are a little suspect too, with odd CO powers. Still, there's plenty of time for it to improve - or time for me to get used to its quirks.

One mission in particular intrigued me. The enemy had a piperunner - a sort of big gun thing - but it was sat on a single piece of pipe a little way from my bases. I was able to build two tanks and send them down to destroy the piperunner in a single turn. As a result, I still know very little as to the piperunner's abilities - what damage can it do; can it actually move? I'd have thought that the idea of introducing new bits a piece at a time was to give an idea of how they worked, but in both this example and the first Black Hole tag-team match, I only learnt the name. Very odd.

Maybe I'm just too good. Doubtful, seeing as Kieron always wins.

I do like the stylus control, though. There was nothing wrong with the GBA games' controls (and considering they've had around 20 years to refine the games, that ought to be no surprise), but the touch screen suits it perfectly.

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Dr. Boggis said...

I know what you mean. Some of the tutorial things are a bit pointless; they show you the new units Black Hole has developed, and you go and smash them to bits before you get a chance to see what they can do! I suppose if you were a real newbie you might see more of their abilities?

The piperunners are a bit of a pain when you're against them, as they have a long range, but they can only move along pipes so at least you know where they might go. If you make a break in a pipe they can't get past that.

A lot of the new COs are fairly pointless, you're better off picking a couple of them repeatedly so that you can level them up and add abilities.

Tag battles do add an interesting element to the game, as you have to wait until both COs are ready to do their Super CO Power - but then you get to move them both one after the other, so you can rapidly finish off your opponent or capture their HQ. Some CO combinations give a stat boost over a random pairing (usually if they're on the same team).

Oh, and I didn't use the stylus. It didn't seem to be any advantage over the buttons, really.