Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Prince of Persia Revelations: what's going on?

I tend to play handheld games on the tube to and from work. At the moment, in fact, that's when I do most of my gaming. On the tube it's pretty noisy, and as such I can't really rely on hearing everything. Also, I don't really like the hassle of putting in earphones if I want a quick 5-minute game of something. So I turn the sound off.

For most games, this isn't a problem. Either they don't really need the sound (PES5, Advance Wars Dual Strike, Phoenix Wright, Pokémon ...) or they provide you with subtitles (Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories). Lots of games don't have a story as such to follow in any case. But Prince of Persia Revelations does, and it doesn't have a subtitle option. As such, all I know is that there was this woman on a ship who rammed my ship, and I chased after her and beat her up, and then we somehow transported to a ruined castle. And after making my way through the castle I found the woman again and we were transported into the past - I presume it's the past, because the castle's all whole again.

The other tricky thing is the darkness. The PSP screen's great, but it does reflect a fair amount, and it's hard to see dark areas. I do wonder if the testers for Prince of Persia Revelations actually used PSPs to test the game, since at times you can't see anything at all. It really is quite dire.

Yet I'm still playing it. OK, so it's slightly more focussed on the combat than The Sands of Time, but there's plenty of platforming in there, and it works really well when you can actually see the level. The save points are sometimes a little spread out, but the sleep function of the PSP is excellent. It looks like a finisher, if my eyes can take it.

And when I've finished, I'll go and look at an FAQ to know what the story was about.

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