Thursday, July 20, 2006

Advance Wars: Dual Strike: Kieron wins. Again.

It's getting dull now. Too routine. We start a game of Advance Wars DS. Several hours later, Kieron wins. BORING.

Well, not really. The game's as fun as ever, and last night we played on one of the pre-deployed maps, which meant the game was actually finished (instead of ending in stalemate) and didn't take five hours to get going. Definitely the way to go in the future. However, Kieron's tactics were again superior to mine or John's. We knew they would be, and to start with I wasn't attacking John's units and he wasn't attacking mine - through some sort of unspoken understanding.

At least, John didn't think he was attacking my units. It turns out that he thought I was blue when actually I was green.

I'll have to practice for next time.

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Anonymous said...

It was actually much closer than your description suggests.... my land units got trapped early on inbetween the two of you, and I only just managed to retreat intact. Thank goodness for fog of war, eh?

Perhaps next time you could make it formally the two of you against me, or we could dispense with fog of war, so there are no 'secrets'?