Thursday, December 21, 2006

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Bongo Bongo


I finally managed to reach the boss at the end of the Shadow Temple, with very little health remaining. He is really annoying - he's a big invisible eye and two disembodied hands, and the whole battle takes place on a drum which means that Link keeps getting thrown up in the air and uncontrollable. I was hoping that using the iron boots would stop this, but it doesn't.

I've worked out that I've got to use the lens of truth to see the eye, and hit the hands with arrows to disable them temporarily. But the thing is that I've only got three hearts, and one hit kills me.

I've died quite a few times and every time there's a long journey to get back to the boss - involving going on a River-Stix-like boat and fighting skeletons. Along the way there are hearts up on ledges but I can't work out how to get them. There are no other things that help me regain health. So every time, one hit inside the boss room and I die.

I hope I can beat him soon or I feel I might just not be bothered.

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Richard Pearson said...

I just completed the Shadow temple last night as well. Although I had 2 fairies to help me out. Used em both. My problem was that I kept running out of arrows. Thanfully bongo bongo drops them and magic as he's playing along. I couldn't figure out how to get those hearts and skulltulla either.

Richard_Pearson - Rllmuk