Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tales of Eternia: setting off

I've not been grabbed by this yet, and I've played it a fair bit. Little things are annoying me:
  • A lot of the game works in an isometric style, but it's really difficult to use the diagonals on a PSP d-pad
  • Random enemy encounters are far too frequent
  • The characters aren't overly likable and the translation's a bit poor
  • The story's really confusing, with far too much to take in at once
  • The combat system seems really complex but just pressing X lots of times seems to work almost as well
Having said all that, I am interested to know what happens. So far I've found a girl who fell from the sky and speaks a strange language; gone to the local university to meet an old friend who might be able to speak to her; found out he had to use a dictionary to do so; and gone through a tunnel to a whole new continent.

The graphical style's a bit odd - the backgrounds of specific areas are lovely, but the character sprites and overworld are ropey. I don't really like the characters' looks either. The girl, Farah, looks really frumpy.

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