Saturday, April 05, 2008

Geometry Wars Galaxies: η clear

There was another of the difficult levels with the light and dark blue shapes; not a star this time but a cross. This one didn't take me quite so long, though, since I followed the same tactic as before, and found a place where I could hide and just watch out for things spawning behind me.

This morning I played through some of the planets in the theta galaxy, and have even managed a couple of golds. One on Rocduo, where I got 10million (the gold required 5million), and one on Flipente, where a score of 53million was not only four times that needed for gold, but is also the fifth best score in the world, according to the leaderboards.

That doesn't say much though. The leaderboards are idiotic, since you need to connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi individually for each planet. It really ought to be a one-off connection, where it takes a few minutes but downloads the current high scores for each and every planet at once. Especially given the nature of the DS, where the opportunities to connect to the Internet are rarer than with home consoles.

Still. Fifth in the world. Huzzah.

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