Monday, March 31, 2008

Geometry Wars Galaxies: ζ clear

That took quite some time.  There was one big sticking point - a level, shaped like an eight-pointed star, where the only enemies were the light blue rhombi and the dark blue nuclei, both of which dash towards the ship at differing speeds.  You get one life and no smart bombs.  The enemies appear equally spaced around the ship, so it's not easy to get them all before they arrive.  I got to bronze quite a few times, but silver was out of reach.

To start with, I tried using the bait drone, to attract the enemies away from me.  I'm only half way through levelling that drone up though, and it was rubbish - attracting enemies around one time in four, and being useless the rest of the time.  I tried moving, or finding somewhere to hide, but it was useless.

In the end I found a way to use the turret drone.  I sheltered against the side wall of one of the side star sections, and aimed to the point of the star every time I cleared a wave - so as to destroy the enemy there at its first appearance.  Often the turret would take out the rest of the wave, but if not I just had to quickly aim the other way to do so.  After a while enemies stopped appearing actually in the star point, so I moved right to the end and cleaned up from there.  Just after I got silver, however, enemies reappeared at the end of the point - but I've got silver now, and that's all that matters.

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