Thursday, May 01, 2008

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations: Maya, Mia, Misty, Morgan ... and Pearl

Morgan called her kids Dahlia, Iris, and Pearl. How daft. It's obvious that the Master has to have a name that starts with an M.

I must be near the end of this now, surely. I played through the fourth case, which was a retrospective of Mia's first ever case - and I saw that Godot used to be Diego. The hair and waistcoat gave it away. Now I've played through the first day of the last trial as Edgeworth, then carried on as Phoenix, and it's all a little far-fetched at times. Some of the needing to present at exactly the right time is annoying too. I wanted to present the weather report when they said it was snowing, but instead I had to present it when they talked about the time instead. Huh.

Almost everything is solved now. I know who killed Misty, I know who else was there, and I know what that other person saw. Just to prove it. Hopefully I can finish this tonight ...

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