Thursday, January 08, 2009

Burnout Revenge: massively overpowered

Since I came back from Australia, I've had a bad problem with my ear, to the extent that I get dizzy if I stand up, feel nauseous if I bend over or move around too much, and therefore can't really do anything except sit and watch TV - or play games. Not so much the Wii games, mind you, since that would be far too much exertion.

I've just finished a session on Burnout Revenge, which, if you remember, I've played quite a bit before. It's not that difficult a game, though my personal goal of perfecting every event makes it a lot harder. In previous posts I complained about the checking traffic system, and while I still think it's a bad idea, it's maybe not the utter disaster I first thought it was. You do slow down by hitting cars a little, enough to cost you time on the hot laps and speed run events. And there's a certain strategy in hitting cars into the path of your rivals to score a takedown.

I'm now the tenth rank, "dominator", which I believe to be the penultimate rank before you complete the game. I've got to collect 122 stars before I do that though. I've completed (fully) the first two ranks, and have only a few stars at most on the next four. I've just started the event on the eighth rank. I've noted that the events I have trouble getting perfects for are those where you're racing the clock, not other cars. I'm obviously a good tactical driver, but not a very fast one.

One thing that has helped my progression was the completion of challenges on one of the locations - I managed to drive an entire race without crashing, which means I've not got one of the game's supercars. The EA racer, in fact, with a boost speed of 209mph, meaning I can catch up to rivals pretty quickly. Maybe too quickly - when you're in sixth with half a lap to go, it shouldn't really be possible to win the race ...

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