Thursday, January 08, 2009

Invalidity gaming

I've not only played on Burnout Revenge. Other things I've been playing are:

Boom Blox (Wii)

A late Christmas present, due to HMV delivering it late. It's great in multi-player, and some (but not all) of the single-player modes are good fun as well. I'm not too keen on the shooting gallery ones, but the throwing games, in particular the mining games, are very clever. For mining, you're given a set arrangement of blocks, and you have to firstly blow a hole inside using a bomb, then throw a rubber ball to hit as many blocks as possible. Effectively, you've got to use a highly explosive device to blow up as small as hol as you can, then throw the rubber ball into that hole ...

Tomb Raider: Underworld (Xbox 360)


I love Tomb Raider games, in general. I don't ever recall them being quite so fiddly to control though. Maybe it's the 360's control pad, but When I played Legend on the GameCube, I don't recall getting stuck on ledges or not being able to turn around properly.

And as a minor clautrophobe, the fact that this is all set underground, so far, is a bit freaky. Plus it's so dark. The puzzles are clever enough without the designers hiding the switches in the gloom!

Having said all that, it's a good Tomb Raider game, so far. The opening level, teaching the controls, was done well, with Croft Manor being set alight and Lara having to escape. I do like the fact that Lara's house in the games has been redesigned to look like that of the films.

I haven't played Tomb Raider: Anniversary yet, but I did complete the original Tomb Raider on the PlayStation, so I'm not too worried about that ...

Loco Roco (and Loco Roco 2) (PSP)

Another Christmas present was LR2, which I've opened and tried but since I've not completed LR1 I'll not start properly just yet. I've played a few more levels of LR1, now up to 5-4, but the battery in my PSP seems to last no time at all any more so I may need to replace that before I can finish this ...

Mr Driller Drill Spirits (DS)

I still haven't completed the 1500m stage of this.

Mr Driller Online (Xbox 360)

Using the items makes this much easier. I think I've got most of the realistic achievements now.

Pop (iPhone)

It's like the Wii game, but better. I can see me playing this a lot over the next year or so.

Skybound (iPhone)

There's a minigame in WarioWare: Touched where you have to draw a line under a ball to make it bounce upwards constantly. This game is almost the same as that, but with a bit more finesse in the presentation and mechanics. Another ideal hospital waiting room time waster. Something I've needed a lot!

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