Thursday, September 08, 2011

Half-Life 2: meeting up with friendly faces

I had played Half-Life 2 a bit before, despite what my gaming diary says.  First on my old PC, then on the original Xbox, then on the Xbox 360.  I even started it on the Mac, but never got that far.

Last night I decided to work through a bit further.  I'd previously, it seems, got through to a section where I was driving a hovercraft around, and I spent a good twenty minutes driving around trying to work out where to go - and being killed by rocket launchers.  After a while I, by accident, found that if you shot one end of one of the containers lying in the water, it fell off, meaning you could drive through that and out into safety.  So I did, and then carried on through the waterways.  This game was designed for a quick save option.

In fact, this game was designed to be played several years ago.  Some of the mechanics feel very clunky now - a lack of recharging health, expansive armoury, empty corridors and long loading pauses.  When a helicopter appeared, I felt as if I was fighting the controls rather than the enemy.  I eventually dispatched it, and have driven over the side of a dam, found some friendly faces and am now in a tunnel on the way to Ravenholm.  Apparently, people don't go there.  I am.


Luffer said...

Recharging health is the worst innovation in FPSs ever! The cover mechanic is just as annoying, although more forgiveable in the right situations.

I like having expansive inventories too, if I'm restricted to only carrying two weapons, I tend to stick with the same two for the whole game.

If the weaponry is limited it doesn't allow for changes in pace and fighting styles either.

Tim said...

You are the exact opposite of me. I swap weapons far more frequently if there are a limited number of choices. Working out which weapons to take into certain fights is half the joy!