Tuesday, September 06, 2011

May's Mysteries: the Secret of Dragonville: at the foot of the tower

After setting fire to the zoo and setting all the animals free, with no illustrations of fire or video of fleeing animals, I've crossed the lake and found Uter's tower.  The script hints quite strongly that once I've gone in, there's no return, so I'm going through a lot of the bonus puzzles before I do.

One of the things I don't like about this game is that each puzzle has the same reward - 30 points.  Some really difficult puzzles feel that you should get more; some simple ones (like the matchstick puzzles) should get fewer.  With the Layton games, the size of reward gives you a hint as to how difficult a puzzle should be, so you can go in with the correct expectation.  With this, you go in blind.


chefcharlie said...

don't surpose you've got to trying puzzle 52 (map to the island)??

Xexyz said...

Yep. Label the rows as 1-6, and the columns as A-F (starting in both cases at the top left). The dangerous squares are A3, A5, B1, C5, D2, D4, D6, E3, F1, and F5. Hope this helps!

chefcharlie said...

Thats great thanks