Thursday, October 13, 2011

Peggle: chasing aces

When PopCap updated Peggle a while ago, to enable the in-app purchase of Peggle Nights, they also set an "ace" score for each level in the original Peggle.  This means that for every level, there are two rosettes available - one for clearing all pegs (the "100%" rosette) and one for scoring more than the defined score (the "ACE" rosette).

I've got a fair few of these already.  Of course, getting 100% on a level can give you a huge bonus, which often takes you over the ace score anyway.  It being a year since Owen's death, and with Peggle being one of his favourite games (and appearing on his 100 best games list), I decided to try to fully complete a few more levels.

I managed three.  I no longer want to play Peggle, ever again.  I want to shout and scream at whoever designed the level with the two wavy lines down the side, at which it is impossible to get 100% because the ball just bounces all over the place and you can never control it enough to hit the correct pegs.

Next year I'll play Mr Driller.

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Doug said...

I Know this is an old post, but I just mastered this level and believe it or not, the trick is to use flippers. You want to get a green in the middle stationary pegs and to try not to hit the wavy lines on the side especially on the bottom. After you have the flipper, drop the ball on the outside of one of the wavy lines, and flip away racking up points(you might want to start on the side that has the other green peg or the side with the most orange). After your done with one side, switch to the other. If you get enough free balls along the way the rest is pretty easy. I was totally frustrated with this level, but once I used this technique, it's not all that bad.