Friday, September 07, 2012

Professor Layton and the Last Specter: completed!

I went back to it finally, and have finished the story.  It was a bit far-fetched, as is the Layton way.  I then went back and searched for the 10 puzzles I'd missed.  I completed the fish games, and the train games, and have downloaded the weekly puzzles, all of which are completed.

The only thing I've not finished are Layton's challenges, and also working out what the hidden door is for.  The first of these will be this weekend's task; the second may require Google.

A great game, as always.  I'm not overly tempted by London life, though.  I don't have 100 hours to spare at the moment ...


Malcolm Parsons said...

Have you completed "Mouse Alley"?

Malcolm Parsons said...

The hidden door does the same thing in all Layton games.