Monday, February 11, 2013

New Super Mario Bros 2: completed!

Completed as much as the first game, at least, maybe more so.  I've unlocked every world and completed them.  There are a few exits I've missed meaning that a couple of the extra levels remain unlinked, and I've hardly touched the coin rush mode - and I find that a bit frustrating given the short timescales and one life and random levels.

A great game, and I'll continue to play bits of it, but it may need to take a rest now.


Nikola Begedin said...

I really, really want to get another console (probably a 3DS) to play games like this one, but I'm also completely aware I don't even have time to play what I have right now. Until I get the time, I'm gonna "game by proxy" through guys like you. Please, keep writing :D

Tim Miller said...

Thanks! The reason I play most on my 3DS is due to lack of time - at least I have the half-hour commute each day!