Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Sega Rally Online Arcade: practice needed

I love Sega's arcade racers; I always have, since I first played Virtua Racing in an arcade in Hastings, and then bought it on the Mega Drive for £70 on release day.  I remember friends deprecating my powersliding round the corner on a Daytona USA cabinet in Bexleyheath Superbowl, describing it as a "barely controlled skid" - yet I beat them.  I had precious little experience with Scud Race, but Sega Rally consumed many pound coins - and I've three copies of the marvellous Saturn conversion, for some reason.

They may not get played again, for Sega Rally Online Arcade is a marvellous expansion of the game.  Unlike Daytona, the graphics have had a massive overhaul, with new tracks, new cars, and it's all been rebalanced.  The control's been updated as well, and while it's not as satisfying as the Saturn wheel, it's better than the Saturn joypad.

The only issue with this version of the game is that I'm not very good at it.  See the screenshot - this is me finishing the Tropical course, with plenty of time on the clock, but still in 13th place.  I will have to attempt manual transmission and learn the tracks better ...

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