Sunday, March 24, 2013

Nintendo Land: catch me!

Indeed, a Wii U game!  I was given a Wii U for my birthday, which was an unexpected treat, and coincided with my brother and his wife coming for the evening last night.  We played Nintendo Land all night.  It was great.

Of the three competitive games, the best is probably Mario Chase, which we played loads - learning the nuances of the maps together, and by the end of the evening everyone had managed at least one catch.  I'm surprised that Nicholas didn't wake up given the shouting between the chasers of Mario's location.  The ghost mansion game was similarly frantic, though that seemed a little too unbalanced in the ghost's favour; only one game finished with the ghost losing.

Possibly the most fun of the evening came from playing through a few of the Pikmin levels, which felt like a fully-fledged game given its scope and size.  I suspect I'll be playing the rest of the levels by myself over the next few weeks ...

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