Friday, May 31, 2013

Nintendo Land: Donkey Kong (many) Crash(es) Course

The last parts of the Donkey Kong game are pretty evil.  I've now got the first eight areas down pat, although I frequently lose one or two lives in area 7 (in the upper-left of the screen below - you can see the remnants of a crash there) where you have to use the left trigger to raise and lower platforms.

But then I get to area 9, in the bottom-right.

You can see I've lost a couple of lives there already.  Here you have to tap the right trigger to launch your cart up the ramps.  You need to have the gamepad tilted just right to avoid flipping over.  And you need to press the trigger very quickly, and let go very quickly, to avoid catching your character as the platform comes back down.

It took me ages, but finally ...

I then lost all six lives on the last platform before the end of area 10.  I've not beaten that yet.

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Malcolm Parsons said...

There's a shortcut in area 10. It's nearly impossible to do without the shortcut. Look on YouTube.