Monday, July 08, 2013

Animal Crossing New Leaf: my lovely town

On the 3DS you can take screenshots and post them to Twitter.  have a look on there if you want to see all the screens I've shared, but here are a few.

In my position as town mayor, my secretary has been making some rather untoward advances.

Tom Nook is still a shady character. Paying off my first mortgage, he didn't trust me to give him the right amount.

I made a lot of money on the stalk market.

Reese's husband has finally woken up, and he's immediately in a jealous rage. I've not found anything he's interested in renovating yet, either.

I hated Leonardo.  He was a fitness fanatic, and finished every sentence with "flexin'".  I hit him with my net and dug holes around his house.  He got the idea in the end and moved out.  Unfortunately, just before he did so, he taught Olaf to say "flexin'".  I hate him.

I have collected a number of fossils so far, but there are still some holes in the collection.  The T-Rex demonstrates this well.

I've caught a few sharks now, but I'm a bit uneasy that Blathers has put them all in a tank with other fish.  I fear I may need to catch more bass in the future.


Nikola Begedin said...

Is the screenshot feature something that was added later? I've been googling if the 3DS has this option a while ago, but pretty much all the sites I found said now.

Or is it game-specific?

Tim Miller said...

It's game-specific - though I think other games are likely to include it at some point. There was talk of Miiverse coming to the 3DS, and if that were the case then they could replicate the Wii U's methods of posting screens.