Monday, August 19, 2013

Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins: slow crawling fog

I am once again getting myself very confused by playing two similar games on two systems.  The last time this happened, at least the two games were graphically dissimilar and in different worlds.  This time, I am running around the same city on the 3DS as exists in the Wii U game, and the structure of the game is near identical, to the extent that I cam being frustrated when I find pigs on the 3DS that I can't ride them as I've only gained the farmer costume on the Wii U, and so on.

It takes little away from the game, which is not as amazing as its big brother but is still a notable achievement, but the city does feel a lot emptier and the draw distance - particularly when crossing the bridge - can be awful, disguised by a creeping fog.

I've spent the last half hour running errands on a construction site, in order to facilitate the building of the bridge to the next area.  Moving between areas requires a lengthy loading pause, so it's lucky that the missions are seemingly quite compact and straight-forward.

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