Friday, September 27, 2013

Assassin's Creed II: completed!

It took a while, but Sequence 13 was excellent and had me wanting more, so I played through the rest of the game.

After the build up I was disappointed to find that I wasn't able to explore Rome, but instead was constrained to a set tunnel to reach the pope. Assassinating him was easy - skirting along the rafters then diving from above - except of course it wasn't that straightforward. Lots of back and forwards, followed by a fist fight which was rigged so I couldn't best him before he'd finished his dialogue.

Then long cut scenes meeting god(s), credits, fights in the modern day, and a flimsy excuse as to why I can go back and collect anything I may have missed. I may well go back for the feathers, but I'll use a map if I do.

Great game, but with the DLC included it probably went on a tad too long. Had I skipped straight to Rome after the Spaniard had run off, I'd probably have appreciated it more. Having said that, Sequence 13 was excellent and varied, so I'm glad I got to play it ...


Anonymous said...

I haven't played an Assassin's Creed game since the first one.

0 - 30 minutes were fantastic.

31 minutes onwards went rapidly downhill.

Tim Miller said...

I can't work out where you'd have got to in 30 minutes. The first game did get a bit samey after a while, but the fact you could choose which missions to do in which order within each sequence meant that I found it varied enough to complete it. The missions in the second game are much more varied and diverse, even if there's not as much choice over which to do.