Sunday, January 12, 2014

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies: Turnabout Reclaimed: completed!

Let's just deconstruct that headline.  I've completed the game!  The game in question is the additional case for the 3DS Phoenix Wright game; this additional downloadable case was called 'Turnabout Reclaimed'.  It involved two court cases, in fact, first defending an orca from a murder charge, and then defending her trainer.  In that second court case, I called the orca as a witness.

Yes, an orca.

Having the case split into two worked quite well, as otherwise it could have become a little excessive in length.  Towards the end of the second case there were a number of clever twists which referred right back to the initial investigations, and the cast of characters was exactly the right size to avoid confusion.  The only story-related point which did seem a little off was the marginalisation of Prosecutor Blackquill, whose role seemed to only consist of taunting Phoenix from time to time.

As ever, there were some excellent bits of writing in the game, spoilt only by the occasional typo.  The judge in particular was well written, with his amazement over the orca (and distraction by the penguins) well thought out.  His constant mistake over hip-hop music was the most amusing though.

The case-specific characters were a mixed bunch.  Initially I couldn't stand Dr Crab, but I warmed to him towards the end of the game, although I'm annoyed by the way that characters flat-out lie with quite flimsy reasoning at times.  Some of the later parts of the case revolved around the system he ran (which was "illegal" - I think there was a bit of an error in translation here, I think it was probably meant to simply by unapproved), which had one of the most awkward abbreviations ever.

Sasha' on the other hand, I immediately liked as a character, but she very quickly revealed herself to just be a bit shallow and whiny. Her constant fish puns tailed off in the middle of the game, only to see a resurgence at the end.

Finally, Marlon Rimes ... amusing and unlikable, and an obvious villain from the start. He made me laugh many a time, particularly when his solid evidence revolves around him rapping that he didn't do it.

No more Phoenix Wright for a while - this makes me sad.

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deKay said...

No more PW for a while, but at least Layton vs Wright is out soon, AND PW6 has been confirmed (although a western release has not, sadly).