Thursday, July 31, 2014

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition: completed!

OK, hardly the longest campaign or story mode, but it has taken me quite a while to beat.  I'm not great at SFIV - I was great at SFII on the Mega Drive with the 6-button pad, completing it with every character, but this is less straightforward.  I got the original SFIV ages ago and played through the arcade mode a few times, but Seth beat me constantly.  I was resigned to having to dial down the difficulty a bit if I wanted to win.

But I managed to beat Super SFIV on medium, with no continues, using Ken.  Seth is still a git, but I managed to defeat him, finally.  I then played through again using Zangief, who is pretty slow but handy with his spinning clothes line move.

And then I was delighted to find that the game automatically saves replays of your matches, so I was able to bask in glory at my defeats of Kieron [planneroftowns] and John [BadHead] (and ignore the matches where they won instead).

They didn't lose all the time, of course.  Sometimes they fought each other.

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