Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Blok Drop U: completed!

Not the most taxing game, I managed to finish this in about thirty minutes.  The idea is that you start with a screen full of blocks and you tap on the grey ones to get rid of them, with the aim of getting the single red block to rest on a stable surface.

Unfortunately the red block is a bit bouncy, so dropping it from such a height probably won't work.  Instead, by getting rid of some of the blocks and causing the rest to collapse in an organised manner, you need to get the red block to rest quite gently.

That's the idea, at least.  The problem is that it just feels a bit too random as to whether things will happen in the way you expect, which is a fatal flaw in a puzzle game.  On some levels I ended up doing the exact same thing a few times and eventually got past the level when the red block happened to bounce in the way I intended.  At other times I carried out a very controlled descent and the game still didn't let me complete the level - this is blatantly safe:

Anyway, half an hour later, and it's all complete.  i can't see myself going back to it; I'm just glad I got it for roughly 40p.

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