Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D: completed!

It's a while since I wrote about this, but I have continued to play it regularly.  Back in June I had finished three of the four temples, and had one more to go.  But before I did that, I wanted to try and do some of the sidequests, since my Bombers' Notebook was full of rumours and half-complete quests.  That's what I've been doing for the past two months.

I've reformed frog choirs.  I've cleansed souls.  I've freed postmen from their duties.  I've found bits of fairies and forged swords.  I've cleared out dungeons and helped facilitate arranged marriages.  And I've tried, as best I can, to make everyone happy.  I had to use an online guide for a few bits and pieces - particularly the long marriage back-and-forth - but I wanted to clear as much as I could because I'm unlikely to replay the game.

It's difficult to be happy when you have a huge moon over your head, threatening to kill you in three days. In the end, I had completed most of the sidequests and moved to the last dungeon.  It wasn't nice.

This bit, in particular, was annoying.  You had to charge up a mirror, then run into its beam of light and charge up another mirror using the shield, and then run into that new beam of light and shine it into the door.  Not easy on a moving train, where motion control makes the beam wiggle everywhere.

The end boss was difficult but fun.  Putting on the giant's mask, it was just a case of jumping out of the way of a flying centipede and thumping it over and over.  Last dungeon done, all giants freed, and off to confront the Skull Kid.

He went up to the moon.

I wasn't expecting the moon to be so lush and verdant.  This seemed to be a bit of a dream, meeting children dressed in boss masks, who played hide and seek sending me into little dungeons and puzzles.  They took all my masks from me.  In the end I found a child wearing Majora's mask sitting under the tree, who gave me the Fierce Deity mask and started the boss battle.

And that was really, really easy.  I can see how it could be difficult normally, but wearing the Fierce Deity mask made me effectively invulnerable and able to hit the mask's various forms without having the sneak around everywhere.

Mask defeated, evil vanquished, moon then disintegrates and I worry that I have chaos on the world with no tides and unbalanced gravity.  Evidently not; the part starts and I leave, galloping through the forest.

Luigi wasn't happy.

Not just completed, but 100% completed with everything seen and everything done.  A superb game.

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