Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Animal Crossing: Wild World: goodbyeeeeeeee

I can't devote any more time to it. I've only caught 70% of the insects and 75% of the fish, and collected 90% of the umbrellas, but Animal Crossing is now becoming too much of a chore. But don't feel sad, since the game has provided me with almost daily enjoyment for over eight months.

Stewart's bought himself a DS Lite, so I've taken a couple of pictures of my flower displays. I've written some letters to Blaire, to Bones and to Nibbles. I've tidied up my junk room, and released the fish I had in my pink room.

I will go back to Bangaio, one day. I will venture back and with John and Kieron's help I'll clear up all the weeds, and revisit all my townspeople. But for now, the town is silent.

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