Monday, August 14, 2006

Tetris DS: marathon mode completed

On my third go, no less - I've completed 200 lines and so have unlocked the "endless" mode. I must admit, the old-school Tetris theme was nice to hear as the blocks were just appearing at the bottom of the screen. That God for the everlasting rotation stuff that the Tetris Company made Nintendo put in - it gives you a chance to move.

Some of the other modes are very clever. Puzzle suits the DS very well, although it can be solved by trial and error if needed. Touch puzzle is a little more difficult, but again there has been one level which I've 'solved' by randomly moving pieces around. The touch mode is fun, if not frantic enough. And the mission mode is inspired.

The less said about the catch mode the better, though. I'm not entirely sure I understand it anyway, but it does seem largely uncontrollable and just not fun.

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