Thursday, November 13, 2008

Essential Sudoku DS: (picture puzzles) completed!


After hours of effort, Essential Sudoku DS is finally over. Well, the picross puzzles - I'm not going to do the sudokus.

So, what do you think the last puzzle was? Well, let's see ...

Last puzzle! How exciting!

Lots of colours. It looks like it'll be quite spectacular. Let's see, where to start? Well, the sixth column sums to 14 plus one blank, so we know how that fits in. We can see the seventh row too. Hmm, this is rather easy ...

Erm, what is this? I was thinking that at least we'd have a picture of a trophy as the last puzzle. I mean, that would have been obvious, yes?

But no. A pie chart. Great.


Anonymous said...
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karin said...

Hi Tim,
I must say your article on sudoku is good.If you like solving sudoku, you will love Gemsweeper.Recently i have been playing this game and im addicted in a good way. Gemsweeper is similar to sudoku but different ie nonogram puzzle. Gemsweeper starts from a 5by 5 puzzle where you have numerical clues like sudoku, to a 30by30 puzzle.I enjoyed solving the 225 puzzles available.Nice storyline with a jungle theme. Great fun and ideal for kids too.

karin said...

Hi again,
forgot to add the link, here it is

Anonymous said...

hi tim im suck on a few puzzles and cant get past them, they are 585, 735, 862, & 970. can u help in any way?