Monday, January 22, 2007

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: the Spirit Temple

A huge amount of progress tonight, even if I did have to repeat a bit because my cats jumped onto the plug and turned the Wii's power off for a few seconds ...

I managed to rescue the four carpenters, and the last guard gave me a membership card which meant they'd not try and kill me any more. Hooray! I went to their training ground and cleared quite a few rooms but there were a few bits and pieces I couldn't do ... but I wanted to get on, so I gave up with those. I then went off to the big gate to the desert, and was let out to face the two trials. The first one - the river of sand - was easy ... I just used the hookshot to get to the other side. The second was more tricky, involving following a trail of flags ... but the flags were immensely difficult to see half the time, and it took me a few tried to get through the path. Then a (hidden) poe ghost took me the rest of the way to the desert collossus. I went inside and found both ways blocked; I went outside and Sheik told me to become young and told me a song to warp me back through the desert. So I did.

The Spirit Temple was quite straightforward. It involved doing half of it as a kid (meeting a thief on the way, who charged me with finding some silver gauntlets for her ... which I did, and then saw her be kidnapped before I could give them to her) and then warping back to the Temple of Time and becoming an adult again for the rest of the temple. I was happy to see the mirror shield make an appearance - I loved the way it was used in the Wind Waker, though here it played less of a part - and the final boss was genius. Two sisters, one casting fire, one casting ice - I had to reflect the fire to hit the ice witch and vice versa. They then combined and I had to catch three of the same spells in a row, avoiding the others. It was really tricky, but i managed it first life, and it was much more fun than Bongo Bongo ever was.

The thief I tried to help turned out to be the final sage; I was then told to go back to the Temple of Time. Sheik met me there and, oh, surprise, (s)he turned out to be Zelda. She told me all about the triforce, gave me the light arrows, and then was kidnapped. I've got to go to Ganon's castle to rescue her.

I have a feeling I'm nearing the end of the game now!

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