Monday, January 15, 2007

R-TYPE: big snakey boss thing

I'm slowly getting better at this. It helps to not die during the first level, because then when you get to the second level you're not starting with a piddly little ship with no firepower and no force. Due to repeated play, i now know the first level inside-out, so can achieve this most of the time.

This morning I finally beat the second level boss - a big worm that comes out of one of four holes in a big plant-like thing in the middle of the screen. I was having difficulties before because the bit you've got to hit is on top, and I was having to dodge around all over the place to try and get any shots in. Then i worked out that by having the force with a diagonal laser weapon, I could just sit in the top left corner of the screen, where the work never goes, and fire away. Easy.

The third level's rather hard.

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