Monday, January 22, 2007

A mid-January update

I never did fill in the gap, as it were.
  • Firstly, I gave up on Tales of Eternia. While normally I look for playability in a game, this was just too sedate and complex in terms of story without a clear picture of what the overall aim was. Maybe it was a bit too daunting. No doubt one day I'll regret giving up so quickly, but I've far too much to play to waste time of something I'm not enjoying
  • I played a fair bit of New Super Mario Bros and Metroid Prime Hunters, after I got the former for Christmas and the latter very cheap in the sales. Metroid's a great game, and I've adjusted to the controls now, but they do start to hurt your hand after a while. Maybe it's because the DS is so heavy, and I'm supporting it on my little finger on my left hand.
  • Of course, I've played all my Wii games quite a lot. Tam's rather good at bowling on Wii Sports, and she likes Find Mii on Wii Play. Possibly the most amusing thing was seeing Tam competing against my sister and her husband on Red Light Green Light on Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. Huge amounts of fun.
  • Also on the Wii, I've played Military Madness and R-Type, both TurboGrafx games I bought on the Virtual Console. Military Madness is sort of an early Advance Wars type game, which gets very hard very quickly. R-Type just starts hard.
  • I've played a few turns of Naked War too, resurrecting some very old games where I'd forgotten my strategy. I feel I may lose those soon.
And I can't believe that I've not mentioned WarioWare: Smooth Moves yet. Utter genius. A lot of people are complaining that the multiplayer aspect's rather weak, but I'm not sure about that - after all, the WarioWare games have always, with the exception of the GameCube version, been about the single player game. I'm enjoying it, anyway.

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