Monday, February 19, 2007

Tomb Raider Legend: Kazakhstan

It's freezing cold, and Lara's actually dressing sensibly for once. I've explored the complex, and have found the remains of magnetism experiments which could be turned on and played with. I tracked Amanda through the complex and fought a lot - it was another shooty level with not too much exploration - and then I got to the big boss battle. The big demon enemy from the flashback in Peru!

It took me a few deaths before I realised that I didn't really have to kill the boss - not that you could, because the only way to attack it is to push it back into one of the electricity arcs, at which point it loses 90% of its energy and disappears to recuperate. Instead I had to run around the room and flick four switches on, which brought a big contraption down from the ceiling. I then had to use the big magnetic gun in the middle of the room to push conducting orbs into the paths of the electric arcs, and then jump out of the gun and grab the sword fragment without being killed by the demon. I kind of missed what happened to it, and to Amanda, after that.

I'm now off to Cornwall, following a map that was found on the back of an ancient shield.

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