Monday, February 26, 2007

Road Rash

This morning I got EA Classics through the post, and so at lunchtime I had a quick go at Road Rash. It's still great. Well, the gameplay mechanic is. But it's got an appalingly low framerate, and on the PSP screen it's massively pixellated. There also seems to be a bit of a lag on the punch button, but then again I have a feeling it was like that on the Mega Drive as well.

I managed to complete the first set of five races easily enough, but I then stupidly bought the third bike which isn't fast enough to really compete at the second set of five. I had to come 2nd or 3rd a few times until I could afford to upgrade my bike again. I've now got a much better bike - the Kamakaze 750 - so am ready to win again.

The EA Replay packaging's bright orange. The copy from VideogamesPlus comes with the normal English manual inside, and a French translation cellophane wrapped onto the side of the box. But the French translation of the manual's bigger than the English one, so it won't actually fit inside the box.

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