Monday, February 12, 2007

Tomb Raider Legend: Bolivia

Really quite a stunning game. It looks lovely, and it's just enough like the old Tomb Raiders to be part of the series but distant enough to be a real evolution.

I completed the first two Tomb Raider games, found 3 to be far too long, and despite owning them for the Dreamcast I've never played Last Revelation or Chronicles. I've not got a PS2, so Angel of Darkness remains out-of-reach - probably for the best.

This seems to correct everything that was wrong with 3. I'm back to looking around tombs, puzzle-solving to progress, looking for clues in the scenery around me. There's perhaps a little too much shooting action, but otherwise it's great. I've finished the first level in Bolivia, and I'm now in Peru. The story's a little confusing, with you controlling Lara in flashback situations and so on, but it seems to have rewritten the whole Lara Croft history to suit the game. Probably no bad thing.

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