Friday, June 01, 2007

Jungle Strike: completed!

The penultimate level was rather hard, but I managed to get through it with only a few restarts. Possibly the most frustrating aspect was the limited fuel supplies, and a few missions which didn't tell you where they were located. For those I had to fly around for ages until I found them, then restart from the end of the previous mission to fly directly there. Not in the spirit of the game, maybe, but I don't care.

So I captured the drug lord, and the madman, and all was well. I went to Washington and met the president, and then it all went wrong ... despite the US's amazingly paranoid immigration policies, somehow someone had managed to sneak 40-odd tanks into the country in their suitcase, and the two enemies had escaped custody.

So I had to protect Air Force One ... well, that's what it was called, but it was a helicopter ... as it fled the city, then go around and clean all the enemies up. And it wasn't actually that hard. The hardest part was not crashing into buildings. Destroyed the armoured transports, then the coach stolen by the drug lord, and the oil tanker stolen by the madman. How daft. Knowing that there's a big helicopter with big guns searching for you, surely the last thing you'll steal is a large, slow moving lorry with a big barrel of oil on the back.

It's a shame that EA Replay doesn't include Urban Strike. I've been led to believe that the third game in the trilogy was set in 2001 and involved terrorists crashing planes into buildings in US cities. I suppose its lack of rerelease is sort of understandable ...

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