Monday, June 11, 2007

Loco Roco: oh my god, the racism

I found this for £15, and bought it on the spot. Why is Gamestation still charging £35 for it?

It's got so much charm. It's one of the few games I'll bother using my headphones for, because the music is sublime, with the locorocos singing along in a gibberish voice.

I've just about finished world four now, and have met a number of different locoroco types - different colours, and they sing differently. The black ones are a bit gollywog-like, and sing rappy music. Stereotypical!


Steve said...

"Why is Gamestatin still charging £35 for it?"

Bloody hell, isn't it £19.99 at most places now? It's only £12.99 at

Tim said...

I believe that Sony has actually reduced the price of its Platinum range to £15, officially. But a hell of a lot of shops have ignored that!