Saturday, February 23, 2008

Geometry Wars Galaxies: β, γ, δ, and ε clear

I'm still getting silvers before I progress on to the next planet, which is causing problems for some levels - while I can get the bronze quite easily, the silver is a significant step up. One level had me stuck for a whole day - it included something in the centre of the level that was spinning space around it alternating clockwise and anticlockwise. It was hard enough to stay in one place, let alone watch out for enemies that were being thrown at you from the wrong direction.

I really like the way that the levels are so different. Some are non-stop frantic action, with enemies constantly appearing - even to the extent that some enemies will appear wherever your ship was a second previously, so that you need to be constantly on the move. Other levels are more relaxed and (in the case of those levels with large enemy containers) almost let you take them at your own speed (as long as you don't take too long ...).

I'm very tempted to get the Wii version of this as well at some point, to see how differently it plays. Plus, of course, to unlock the last galaxy on the DS game.

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