Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: playing the circuits

Until this point I've only been playing the individual events, which, while ideal for learning, seems to mean that you can't unlock anything new to play. So yesterday and this morning I had a go at the circuit mode, which is where you have to play through three set events, being scored for your ranking at each. What with my previous practice, I breezed through the beginner circuits - although I really am hopeless at the long jump, and I messed up the archery since for all but the last two shots I forgot about adjusting for the wind (and as a result was getting really annoyed with my seeming inability to aim straight).

The last event of the circuits was the "dream race" - basically a Mario Kart meets Sonic R meets 100m sprint - which wasn't as good as any of those. I got in front at the start and stayed there, laying bombs behind me, never seeing a shell but occasionally being hit by lightning or a Boo. I never saw any other contestant though.

Hopefully the advanced circuits will unlock further events. But this unlocking idea is daft. I have to get good at the game to unlock stuff. Therefore in order to play the game in multiplayer, I will have had to practised a lot, meaning that I will have a significant advantage over whoever I'm playing against.

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