Friday, February 22, 2008

Super Mario Galaxy: sixty-one stars in

Back into the game for a bit, and it's every bit as amazing as when I left it. I was worried about having forgotten some of the controls, but it's all so natural - you run where you want to, jump how you want to, shoot star bits, collect star bits ...

I've now completed the first run of galaxies in the bedroom (missing out the hidden stars and most of the comet stars) and have gone up to the engine room. I've passed 60 stars so I could go and rescue Peach ... but no, I'll let her hang on a bit.

I had trouble with one level - a cosmic comet (so a race against Cosmic Mario) on the Gold Leaf galaxy. The main issue I had was with climbing up what was effectively a staircase of blocks, where I kept misjudging my jumps so I hooked onto the side of a block and had to pull myself up, losing time. I lost six lives - but each time I was picking up an extra one, and when I finally finished I won the race easily.

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