Sunday, March 09, 2008

Hexic HD: two black pearls

I really love Hexic. It's perfect for when you want to just relax and take your time over a game. And I'm quite good at it. I managed to get two black pearls, which is amazing given the hoops you have to go through to get even one. I had four starflowers towards my last black pearl too. I was getting quite excited.

And then the stupid game-breaking feature came in: a bomb which was impossible to diffuse before it went off. I can understand the bombs; you do need some way to lose, and they do make the game more anxious. But it isn't asking much, surely, to request that it be always possible to diffuse them? Otherwise you get to a stage where the game is deciding when it's game over, with nothing to do with your skill. Rubbish.

I will no doubt be told that it wasn't impossible to diffuse this bomb, but it was. The yellow bomb sat alone, no other yellows near to it. There were only three hexagons underneath the bomb which could be cleared, and when they went no yellows appeared above it. All other moves were on the other side of the play area, so any yellows that appeared there were useless anyway.

How you're meant to collect six black pearls when the game is this unfair, I have no idea.


Becky said...

I once had a gamebreaking move. Not a bomb, but simply "no more moves". I only ever had it once and it never happened again. Naturally I was devastated as I had quite a high score.


Tim said...

I always assumed that it calculated what was coming so that couldn't happen. How stupid!