Sunday, August 03, 2008

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates: completed!

I didn't finish it quite as quickly as I'd hoped - acquisitions of Sega Superstars Tennis, Space Invaders Extreme and Patapon saw to that - but I finished the lengthy cutscenes and boss rebattles on the plan home from the US. The story became just really weird at the end, shifting between actualities, moon power, people being alive then dead, choosing which world to live in ... Very odd indeed. A couple of glaring errors too - Galdes says that he can'f find a single universe in the infinity when Yuri and Chelinka aren't together; yet later in the ending you see one such place.

The last battle was really obscure too. After a long fight, kiling Galdes, you're presented with a rotating pattern on the floor. I tried casting spells on Galdes's body, even casting four spells at once, but no effect. After a while he resurrects and you have to kill him again - not fun. In the end I worked out that you have to cast spells in each of the circles in the rotating pattern, which bears no relation to anything in the game up to that point. Very daft indeed.

Enough complaining though. A good game indeed, and I look forward to playing through dungeons in multiplayer.

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begedinnikola said...

Congratulations, i had to kill him twice because of the spells to.